Nevada Joins the Family Of Legalized Marijuana States

Marijuana is legal in Nevada. I’m so proud of my community for showing up and speaking out!!

For 3 weeks I posted, made calls and educated people on the benefits of marijuana. I wasn’t sure Nevada would say YES on #2 but they did.

On Wednesday the Dispensary I manage could not handle the mass amount of people showing up and calling asking, “Can I buy weed?” I couldn’t believe that people actually thought they could buy marijuana RIGHT after an election. However I also couldn’t believe the amount of people who thought Donald Trump took office right after the election, either. SMH

With marijuana now regulated like alcohol, here is what Nevada’s need to know:

  1. There are no regulations to the initiative yet.
  2. Since there are no regulations or codes there is no way for stores to sell Non Medical marijuana legally.
  3. The Medical Marijuana Bill and the Regulate Marijuana like alcohol initiative are NOT the same thing.
  4.  Legalizing means you can have up to an ounce without it being a crime.
  5. If you have more than an ounce, or you’re under 21 and or your smoking in public you could be given a fine.
  6. 3 fines and it is considered a gross misdemeanor
  7. You can not sell marijuana unless you are licensed through the state of  Nevada Retail Dispensary
  8. You can not grow unless you are a licensed Cultivation in the State of Nevada
  9.  AGAIN, this initiative is NOT the Medical Marijuana Bill. Regulations for Medical Marijuana can be found by googling NRS 453 A
  10. The law does not go into effect until January and when it does, if the Dispensaries are not set up to sell, the question will be “where did you get that weed?”

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