The Dawn of Legalization in Nevada

In less than 24 hours Nevada will sell marijuana to adults over 21. In a business full of people of means there is an anxiousness to stop the bleeding of cash. An estimated 46 Dispensaries in Nevada, all medical facilities have been operating in hope for this day.

Many of the Industry leaders in Nevada have spent most of their lives believing marijuana was a gateway drug and everyone that smokes it was a thug. Some of them still do. However, on tomorrow night, they will ALL make their mark as the FIRST to sell marijuana legally in Nevada.

Las Vegas is estimated to have over 40 million visitors this 4th of July. Many of them will absolutely try pot for the first time while they are here. I wonder how many of those people will walk into a minority owned establishment and purchase minority products?

While I will admit this is a time to celebrate I also can not help but mourn a little. I know that someone in my community is STILL incarcerated for the same amount of marijuana someone else this weekend is going to be able to purchase “legally.”

In 2016 I advocated for Question #2 because I knew legalization was what was best for my community. Not because of the dollar but because if there is a possibility ONE of my brothers didn’t go to jail for pot, my community wins. Also because I have a minority son and it is my responsibility to make a better future for him.

So although legalization is a victory for those who will profit, I am very much aware of the places where my community is losing. There is 1 Black owned Dispensary, 3 Black owned cultivation and not one black owned lab. That means the odds of someone walking into a minority by ethnicity owned dispensary is 45 to 1 and the odds of someone buying a minority by ethntecity product is 75 to 3. I know these numbers sound unreal but I can only write what I know. This is the place where I mourn our loss.

My mentor once told me, “everyone is ok with Minorities being employees, NO ONE wants us to own.”

I have seen the future of this industry and I am few and far between. The future is White male doctors, scientist, lawyers and politicians. They ALL believe this plant can help treat many ailments but their true consumers are minorities. Marijuana is legal, they are getting paid and they STILL just see us as thugs.



Hiring to Get High

In the past week I have interviewed approximately 50 people for 7 available positions at the Dispensary. Of those 50 people I would estimate to say about 4 were qualified.

It’s not that I don’t know that the Cannabis business is a new industry and there isn’t much education available for the marijuana business. It’s that I know ignorance is not an excuse to come unprepared for an opportunity. Whether you do online classes or you Google the heck out of as much information as you can get your hands on, which is what I did, there is no excuse for not being prepared.

Anything worth having is worth sacrificing for. That includes this estimated Billion Dollar industry. Each time I have a conversation with someone about how to get into the business, I give them homework. Read!! Study, and get prepared. I say, study the codes, read on how marijuana relates to patients, learn the Terpenes understand the math and be aware of the different forms marijuana comes and can be used for dosing.

These are the things I study everyday. I don’t pretend to know everything but what i do know is, I study as a habit. Even in my down time I am reading or watching videos. The marijuana industry is constantly evolving so quickly till it seems last month’s info is already obsolete..

I want as many minorities to infiltrate this business but it won’t be easy. I know that I am privileged to work in a black owned dispensary and that my owners are comfortable doing business and establishing business relationships with other minorities. I also realize that sometimes I can be spoiled, but I assure you I do not feel entitled.

Pursue what you want. When someone asks you do you know how marijuana relates to patients Be able to say more than “Indica helps you go down and Sativa makes you feel awake.” Know WHY the Indica and sativa work for which ailment.

I know I am a little preachy in this blog but information leads to opportunities and I want you to GET YOURS!!!