I’ll Never Forget 

Day 3 of legalization in Nevada and I’m lying on my couch thinking about how many of my uncles, brothers and father’s are still incarcerated because of this plant I’ve been legalized to sell. 

I think my community thinks I’ve forgotten. I’ll Never Forget who’s blood was shed for my opportunities. As a matter of fact, I strive for excellence in an industry where I’m less than 1% because I’ve been impregnated with the responsibility to be the best BECAUSE I am the less than 1%. 

It’s now my responsibility to know more, shine brighter and be even more available. Its become my duty to educate and promote Black own and Black ran Licenses in the Industry. To expose people of color in the Industry so that our youth can have someone to aspire to be. 

I also consider it my responsibility to destigmatize African Americans in the Marijuana Industry. I get offended when people assume I’m somewhere “getting high” just to get high because I’m “in the Industry.” Then when I’m with my white counter parts they are being considered Industry leaders and are being asked legitimate industry questions.

 The media strategically puts African Americans on the news in their stories. They want to pacify us to believe we are more. We aren’t….

 I won’t forget. 

1 day before our first legalized Independence day in Nevada and I’m STILL fighting for my freedom.  I KNOW the police pulled over African Americans this weekend to see if they were High. I know our neighborhoods are being over policed and targeted because “we’re getting high.” I haven’t forgotten.
I love this Nation but I don’t always feel loved by this Nation. I’m still the black girl working in an industry where they call my brothers thugs. 

I won’t forget BECAUSE I’ll always be Black first.