I’ll Never Forget 

Day 3 of legalization in Nevada and I’m lying on my couch thinking about how many of my uncles, brothers and father’s are still incarcerated because of this plant I’ve been legalized to sell. 

I think my community thinks I’ve forgotten. I’ll Never Forget who’s blood was shed for my opportunities. As a matter of fact, I strive for excellence in an industry where I’m less than 1% because I’ve been impregnated with the responsibility to be the best BECAUSE I am the less than 1%. 

It’s now my responsibility to know more, shine brighter and be even more available. Its become my duty to educate and promote Black own and Black ran Licenses in the Industry. To expose people of color in the Industry so that our youth can have someone to aspire to be. 

I also consider it my responsibility to destigmatize African Americans in the Marijuana Industry. I get offended when people assume I’m somewhere “getting high” just to get high because I’m “in the Industry.” Then when I’m with my white counter parts they are being considered Industry leaders and are being asked legitimate industry questions.

 The media strategically puts African Americans on the news in their stories. They want to pacify us to believe we are more. We aren’t….

 I won’t forget. 

1 day before our first legalized Independence day in Nevada and I’m STILL fighting for my freedom.  I KNOW the police pulled over African Americans this weekend to see if they were High. I know our neighborhoods are being over policed and targeted because “we’re getting high.” I haven’t forgotten.
I love this Nation but I don’t always feel loved by this Nation. I’m still the black girl working in an industry where they call my brothers thugs. 

I won’t forget BECAUSE I’ll always be Black first. 

3 thoughts on “I’ll Never Forget 

  1. Ms. Goins, Nobody made your countless (as you describe it) relatives commit illegal activity. Unless they were held at gun point or enslaved in a human traffiking manner, No One made any of your numerous relatives break the law. Whether we like any law at any given time, if we break the law we are subject to legal consequence no matter what color one’s skin happens to be. I am an educated, attractive, white female who was pulled over at a Friday night “check point” in Washington state in April 2003 while possessing less than a gram of weed in the car and a one hitter…. and not under the influence, driving home from work…the cops got physically violent with me when I got angry that they wanted to search my vehicle & purse, I did not know my rights…and these unethical officers deeply damaged my mental health over a minute amount of cannabis in my possession. I was not arrested but my car was impounded and the cops left me with no way to get home. They left me literally in pouring rain, late at night at a gas station 3 miles from home. I was a medical patient without a medical card, a situation which was remedied a few short weeks later when an M.D. wrote me a life changing prescription for the use of cannabis to treat my symptoms of a life threatening illness. Shortly thereafter I moved to Canada for health asylum in Vancouver, Canada and took sanctuary with Mark & Jodi Emery’s legalization movement . Instead of being a victim, I moved to a place where my right to life and health were protected. And I became personally acquainted with Mark Emery who is known in Canada as the “Prince of Pot”. Mark literally forfeited his freedom and 5 years away from his young, beautiful bride to voluntarily go to prison to make a statement that the use of cannabis is a human right …to be championed & protected. His unrelenting work and sacrifices are immeasurable, unselfish and unrivaled. Mark single handedly funded the whole first wave of medical legislation in the U.S. and he has secured his place in history as the one who made all this possible today. I cried the day he went to prison, because honestly, I had spoken with him at length and knew how scared he was and how selfless he is. I know I would not be alive today if it weren’t for his sacrifices and that of his wife. I would have died without cannabis a very long time ago.

    I know first hand what it is to be unfairly profiled, and I find it ignorant and intolerable that you are making any suggestion that minorities are being purposefully kept out of the now legitimate cannabis industry in Nevada. Lady, it comes down to financial viability. Many corporations selling franchises (spanning the spectrum of commerce) require anywhere from $250,000 to $1,000,000 to purchase franchises. It is a matter of viability, no matter the industry. Period. It’s called start up capital. It makes no distinction between race or gender. It is what it is. It is financial reality.

    I read the recent article in one of the Vegas weekly magazines in which your misguided cries of injustice nauseated me. No one, of any ethnicity, is exempt from the no prior criminal history requisite or the start up capital amount. There is nothing stopping anyone from gaining investors & taking on partners. If someone has a prior criminal record, no one is stopping them from finding a partner or partners who do not have a record. The war on marijuana far predates the “War on Drugs”. It is not a black thing as you have convinced yourself and would like to persuade others. It was criminalized to prevent competition with paper & plastic industries by the efforts of media mogul William Randolph Hearst. It had nothing to do with anything but financial interests. Clearly, if you are not aware of Mr. Hearst’s propaganda campaign and his purchase of the legislation that has haunted us for decades as cannabis users, you have not done the level of research you claim to engage in. And if you don’t know who Mark Emery is and the price he paid to bring legalization to fruition across North America, then you really should stop talking. You’ve come across as opportunistic, ignorant, exploitative, entitled and racist. You are making a fool of yourself quite frankly to the point that I am embarrassed for you.

    A major human rights victory for all people of all ethnicities, gender, socio-economic classes has been won in the state of Nevada. Don’t piss all over it. It was a man in Canada who made all this possible. Stoking racial issues in the midst of these glorious changes is selfish grandstanding. I’ve met black employees in the 5 dispensaries I have visited in Las Vegas, each of them hospitable, informed, patient and compassionate in their communications and assistance with my medicinal needs. You seem to be the only one with a discrimination complaint against the legislation. You might fool some with your agenda, but in the long run you will only alienate your self from the cannabis community and find yourself ostresized. We don’t need your negativity and politics…take your self promoting agenda, virtue singling and social justice warrior mindset elsewhere. An unimaginable victory has been won. Choose gratitude.


  2. Keep up the good work unc they wanna push you and whisper like the snake that got eve . But continue to break every chain. Proud of how much you’ve accomplished in your life time.

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