The Real Kurupt’s MoonRock Coming to Las Vegas FALL 2017

It’s the 2nd month of recreational sales in Nevada and the market has not yet solidified itself. This is the greatest time for well known Cannabis brands to partner up with other Nevada licenses and seal their space in the Nevada Green Rush.

Doing just that is the brand “The Real Kurupt’s MoonRock.”

 In 2015 described Kurupts MoonRock as the “Strongest Cannabis on Earth ” 2 years later The Real Kurupt’s MoonRock has managed to stay in the position of strongest Cannabis ever!  The Real Kurupt’s MoonRock team has mastered the formula that now also offers infused Pre-Rolls for easy enjoyment.

In 2016 Kurupt, known for Rapping with the Legendary Hip Hop group “The Dogg Pound” and being an Executive Vice President of the infamous Death Row Records, along with his wife and business partner, whom is now the head of The Real Kurupt’s Moonrock brand, philanthropist and business mogul Gail Gotti, recently took some time off the shelves to restructure and re brand the already successful and Number 1 selling underground brand of Cannabis. In 2017 they relaunched with a mature, sleek and classy look.

 Adorned with a NEW name, strong slogan and even stronger team, The Real Kurupt’s MoonRock, ” If it doesn’t say REAL then its not the REAL DEAL!” hired the Marijuana Consultant A’Esha Goins to negotiate their move into the Las Vegas recreational market.