How Cannabis Saved My Life!

I’ve shared this story many times but it’s different doing it live. I wanted to be clear on what Cannabis has done for me.

3 thoughts on “How Cannabis Saved My Life!

  1. Thank you. I met you in February at the Black History Festival. I appreciate your courage. As for me, I still have not told my pastor that my doctor switched me over to cannabis from diazapines and opioids. And the women’s Bible study is covering purity now from Hebrews. Wouldn’t you know it? I feel like a heathen…


    1. I hope you find the courage to be you but if you hou don’t, it’s not a big deal. You wouldn’t have told them thur doctor prescribe you something. You don’t owe anyone an explanation about your treatment.


    2. Hey, sorry for the late response.
      Allow your treatment to be your choice for as long as you choose. There is a reason our doctors can’t discuss our treatments openly and you shouldn’t feel responsible to share that information either.

      Be free to be in control of your temple sis. Love you


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