I’m Just Slanging Weed

In the industry I joke about the guy who is still slanging marijuana as a gig. How he must really have had to learn his profession to compete with big industry. How “slanging” trees probably has had to become a passion not just a hobby. How at this point, he should consider going legit or get a new gig!

Actually, that is “I joked” past tense. My awareness to my community struggling to understand the dynamics of an industry that capitalizes on them as consumers but doesn’t allow them entry as owners is diabolical. The truth of falsely criminalizing people of color to easily marginalize them later is criminal. It’s constant with the way America works but looked upon as a habit.

I remember shrugging off the idea that Big Business would take over the Cannabis industry. Why would Big Business want to take a risk like Cannabis. You can’t bank and you can’t duplicate the model. How would Big Business find this “risk” worth taking?

I was WRONG!! Big Business is here

Simply put, the money keeps flowing. I’m sure they believe, everything else will work itself out.

Meanwhile people of color are still in prison on crimes Big Business is making billions off of. Oh, and I haven’t forgotten the fucking war on drugs was really a war on people. War is Big Business! Of course! I’m shaking my damn head at that bullshit!

I digress.

As I, a woman of color, fight the war of marginalization in life, I mean business, my bad. I see far too clearly how difficult the road ahead is

1. I’m Black in an industry where I’m 6 times more likely to get arrested for possession over my white counterparts.

2. I’m a leading woman in an industry where I’m usually best served as the pretty glorified Cannabis waitress (budtender)

3. I’m a black woman that has been depicted in media as a haughty, aggressive, foul mouthed, emotionally ignorant person.

I may not be out here like the small Cannabis busines owner “slanging” my products. But I am out here! I’m fighting my own wars in this industry. Trying to manipulate the codes and maneuver through regulations to ensure justice for that small business owner that wants HIS chance at the free flowing money risk.

One thought on “I’m Just Slanging Weed

  1. No one is stopping any underground cannabis grower or dealer from jumping on the “green rush” boat. A dime sack slanger on the corner are in no no different situation then the hippies living in the secluded mountains growing cannabis. Up against the same legalization….either get on board or get run out or risk staying underground. Any dealer ( any race) or any person that worked years in the original weed game. Has a significant advantage simply because the culture of the cannabis hustle is not going to change…legal or illegal. Having the years of experience gives them a head start to anyone just now trying to get into it. Just because they big company doesn’t mean the culture will accept them. No amount of money can help them try to break into the industry created by those of us that risked our lives and jail time to do for decades.

    You want to be part of the industry, any race, then get on the boat. Go get a license and follow the hundreds of pages of laws that were created 6mnths ago my the Bureau of Cannabis Control. Drug dealers have money, tax free money. No one is stopping them from using it to do what needed to so can maintain the lifestyle.

    Cannabis does not discriminate.


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