AO Brand Launch

AO Brand launches a consumer-friendly CCELL disposable vape in Las Vegas Dispensaries

Las Vegas, NV — 6/12/2018— AO Brand, a distributor of fine cannabis extracts in Las Vegas, NV will launch its first round of consumer focused CCELL distillate disposable vape.


The Las Vegas distributor is focused on offering the consumer an experience tailored to their needs. AO Brand has done a focus groups in the Las Vegas area to identify the consumers wants and to fill that need. Many Cannabis distributors are interested in making money but very few are interested in meeting the needs of the user.


AO Brand chose the CCELL vape equipment specifically for the inexperienced user. In the AO Brand focus group, they found the user desired vape equipment that worked consistently and without much effort. Also, the focus group pointed out they didn’t want to give up the “big cloud effect” they got with smoking flower. By choosing the CCELL ceramic heating element the user will receive an even heat distribution while vaping. This will also enhance the AO brand distillate 3 easy to understand formulas. Red being the highest in THC and offering the user an extremely relaxed effect. Yellow formula being a medium high THC formula, allowing the customer to destress during the day and Green being a formula constructed to allow the user to feel elated  all day.


Thea from the focus group said, “I appreciate the taste and ease of the AO Brand CCELL disposable vape.” “There was no burnt taste and I was able to get a nice cloud!”


AO Brand is a Las Vegas distributor and can be found in Nevada dispensaries

Press Contact: A’Esha Goins Green Bridge Consulting Group, Las Vegas NV

AO Pens

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