PTSD From The War on Drugs

According to Make the Connection website for veterans some of the signs of PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) are;

Most of the Black and Brown men/women I know have displayed 3 or more of these signs when and or after an interaction with leadership and or law officials. I’m talking about law abiding men/women. Men/Women with families and respectable lifestyles. I’ve even watched Black and Brown men/Women with means and acces display 3 or more of these signs after being pulled over by police.

This information has value because THIS is why there aren’t more Black and Brown men and women in the industry. Its not JUST because of the finances or the lack of information, it is because WE ARE AFRAID OF THE SYSTEM!!

EVERYONE is dancing around the truth because no one wants to blame the USA. There’s enough going on and as a people we don’t like to ruffle feathers, which is another sign of PTSD, but I digress. The signs are real. The issue is real and the sooner we begin to have this discussion in our communities the more likely we are not to miss the green opportunity.

In June 1971, President Nixon declared a “war on drugs.” During the Regan era the number of people behind bars for nonviolent drug law offenses increased from 50,000 in 1980 to over 400,000 by 1997. Today the numbers are more like 700,000 people still arrested for marijuana offenses each year and almost 500,000 people still behind bars for nothing more than a drug law violation. (75% if these people are Black and Brown)

These numbers mean that many Black and Brown Americans probably know or is related to someone in jail for marijuana. Yep, it’s that real. Many of us are effected by the War on Drugs and we need to talk about it. We need to begin to gather to heal the deep rooted wounds caused by this war. This is what they mean when they use the big word “disenfranchised.” They are referring to our plight.

I’m so angry I really don’t have anything else to say.

Watch this video!

I’m Sorry Botham Jean Sham

If you haven’t heard this story I don’t know where you’ve been. It’s a gruesome tell of negligence, media steering and demonizing. I’ve been watching and praying for this family since the story broke.

The media tells the story like this; police woman Amber Gyuger gets off work late. She parks her car in her garage then proceeds to her apartment. She hears someone in her apartment, yelled for them to identify themselves, they don’t, she shoots and kills the person.

Facts begin to unfold, then the media tells the story like this; Hard working white police woman Amber Gyuger mistakenly parked on the wrong floor. Opens the door of what she thinks is her apartment. Asks a Black man that is in his own home to identify himself. He doesn’t do she kills him.

Later the media spins the story; Botham Jean Sham was an immigrant that had marijuana in his apartment.

The truth is;

Botham Jean Sham was a beloved citizen of St. Lucia. He worked a respectable job and was an active member of his church. Yet on September 6th 2018 Bothams family experienced this….

The phone call
Brandt Jean was at home in St. Lucia when his mother called and asked to speak to his father alone.
Brandt, 17, gave his father the phone and left the room. He said he waited outside and heard his mother’s cries through the closed door. “I never heard my mother cry like that,” he said.

She called to say his older brother, Botham, had been fatally shot in his Dallas apartment by a police officer who mistakenly thought it was her own.

Instead of the police or the media investigating the shooter, they set out to validate the shooting. He was an upstanding guy, living his life, making his momma proud, loved by many, life lost and the media and police tried to use MARIJUANA as a means to tarnish his legacy.

They couldn’t find ANYTHING!! …however

Because the stigma of marijuana exists. It was used as a tool to help make Botham seem “just another hood black”

Yes, I know that’s what people think about Blacks that medicate. I know because I used to think that way as well. I was the person that would have bought into that narrative the media tried to spin against Botham. I would have been one of the ones that would have said, “he had marijuana?” “Oh, he had to have been doing something illegal. ”

Today I know that ignorance is exactly what America is using to demonize my people to shame. I owe Botham my sincerest apologies for not knowing how to advocate for his reputation. When the story released I was angry but when they said you had marijuana I was furious! What does your medication have to do with you being shot in your own home!

I’m sorry Botham Jean Sham that America can STILL use marijuana to paint a derogatory storyline but I promise your death will not be in vain.

CBD Saved My Sons Life

Last weekend I had a crisis with my 15 year old son. He had an anxiety attack during school hours. The attack was intense enough to make my son consider suicide.

A few months ago I decided to put my teenage son in therapy. There were no real alarms or red flags. I was just being a mom that wanted my son to have good physical and mental health. As a victor over child abuse I understand the importance of being able to communicate your thoughts and feeling with someone that just gets it. I felt very alone as a teenager and I never wanted my son to feel as I did.

Many years ago I noticed my son was having a difficult time focusing in school. I started doing research on CBD and ADHD (Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder). I never wanted to medicate my son however all the methods we had been using weren’t having good results. All the information I read said that it could help. I knew I was having great results from using CBD oil regularly. I hopymy soon would as well.

The results were amazing and he’s been using it for years. Unfortunately it’s difficult to ensure a teenager takes his medicine EVERY DAY!

Friday, during school one of the teachers noticed ny son didn’t look himself. He questioned his physical health and my son answered he was fine. Later that day he approached a teacher he trusts and shared how he was feeling. That teacher called his uncle that works at the school he attends. By the time my brother in love got to my son my son was in full panic mode. His heart was beating fast and he was calmly suggesting he should kill himself. His panic was so real you could feel it through his chest.

My brother in love talked to my son until he felt his heart slow down. Asked had he taken his supplement, my son had not. The uncle gave him his CBD supplement and they went home. By the time it was bed time he was calm and relaxed.

Turns out my son hadn’t taken his supplements in months.

The following morning he took another dose of CBD and had a phone conversation with his therapist. Although we all agreed he was feeling better my son insisted he wanted to be checked into a center.

Saturday afternoon, 2pm I checked my son into a mental health center for youth. Yes, this black mom had to admit her black man child into a mental health Center for youth.

5 years ago I wouldn’t have EVER been able to deal with my son’s mental health with the same urgency as I do with his physical health. Before Cannabis I was under the impression only black people with real issues go to therapy and or people that can afford it. The post Cannabis me has served thousands of Black adults with non diagnosed mental health issues like anger, depression, high stress levels, anxiety, and bipolar. Many of them had been self medicating with weed since the age my son is now.

Today my son is feeling well. He’s back in school and he’s taking his CBD daily.

HerbanExpo Las Vegas, NV


Welcome to Herban Expo! We are a Cannabis business to consumer trade show event open to the public in the heart of Las Vegas, Nevada.

With the cannabis industry evolving and laws steadily moving towards legalization, our goal is to inform, educate, and expose the newest products and trends in the market. We want to break down the stereotypes of marijuana by having hundreds of exhibitors who will feature various products like pipes, plant nutrients, grow equipment, clothing, extracts, payment processing systems, and more along with having live art and entertainment, and informational seminars daily!

Our goal at Herban Expo is to inform the consumer on all areas of Cannabis. From educating the public on how to properly extract cannabis to making the perfect pot brownies to how cannabis has saved lives with its medical use to veterans who have decided to choose cannabis over prescription medications.

We pride ourselves in being the first major consumer show open to the public in Las Vegas. Our free admission with simple registration means your product will be exposed to the targeted demo that fits your brand and our attendees will have a fun and educating experience that will help transform any negative outlook surrounding cannabis.

Because our parent company, Group W Productions, LLC, has over 25 years of producing consumer shows and events in Las Vegas you can be assured this event will grow to be paramount within the Cannabis industry.

We are excited you are considering becoming apart of the Herban Expo family or coming to enjoy the show! If you have further questions please contact our office by calling (702) 971-0177 or e-mail us at

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