I’m Sorry Botham Jean Sham

If you haven’t heard this story I don’t know where you’ve been. It’s a gruesome tell of negligence, media steering and demonizing. I’ve been watching and praying for this family since the story broke.

The media tells the story like this; police woman Amber Gyuger gets off work late. She parks her car in her garage then proceeds to her apartment. She hears someone in her apartment, yelled for them to identify themselves, they don’t, she shoots and kills the person.

Facts begin to unfold, then the media tells the story like this; Hard working white police woman Amber Gyuger mistakenly parked on the wrong floor. Opens the door of what she thinks is her apartment. Asks a Black man that is in his own home to identify himself. He doesn’t do she kills him.

Later the media spins the story; Botham Jean Sham was an immigrant that had marijuana in his apartment.

The truth is;

Botham Jean Sham was a beloved citizen of St. Lucia. He worked a respectable job and was an active member of his church. Yet on September 6th 2018 Bothams family experienced this….

The phone call
Brandt Jean was at home in St. Lucia when his mother called and asked to speak to his father alone.
Brandt, 17, gave his father the phone and left the room. He said he waited outside and heard his mother’s cries through the closed door. “I never heard my mother cry like that,” he said.

She called to say his older brother, Botham, had been fatally shot in his Dallas apartment by a police officer who mistakenly thought it was her own.

Instead of the police or the media investigating the shooter, they set out to validate the shooting. He was an upstanding guy, living his life, making his momma proud, loved by many, life lost and the media and police tried to use MARIJUANA as a means to tarnish his legacy.

They couldn’t find ANYTHING!! …however

Because the stigma of marijuana exists. It was used as a tool to help make Botham seem “just another hood black”

Yes, I know that’s what people think about Blacks that medicate. I know because I used to think that way as well. I was the person that would have bought into that narrative the media tried to spin against Botham. I would have been one of the ones that would have said, “he had marijuana?” “Oh, he had to have been doing something illegal. ”

Today I know that ignorance is exactly what America is using to demonize my people to shame. I owe Botham my sincerest apologies for not knowing how to advocate for his reputation. When the story released I was angry but when they said you had marijuana I was furious! What does your medication have to do with you being shot in your own home!

I’m sorry Botham Jean Sham that America can STILL use marijuana to paint a derogatory storyline but I promise your death will not be in vain.

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