Let Me Tell You About Consumption Use Lounges

The Dilemma: Most legalized states, outside of  some cities in California, neglected to declare consumption space outside of ” the privacy of your own home.”

The Answer: Declare Consumption Use Spaces.

The introduction of Social Use Spaces will eliminate some social impact disparities, for example, Families are in jeopardy of losing their homes if they are in public housing. Parents smoking with children in the home could lose their children form child endangerment.  The introduction to Social Use Lounges will normalizes marijuana use and indirectly minimizes fines on minorities.

There already is a disparity of minorities in ownership in the Cannabis Industry. Due to the lack of funding and interest. The initial investment sometimes starts at 500k and modestly going upwards to 2 million before ever seeing revenue. That is a huge undertaking for any business person not just a minority. The media paints the picture that the only people interested in the Cannabis Industry are minorities with previous marijuana records. The reality is, that risk doesn’t make it attractive to minorities that have suffered from the war on drugs.

Consumption use lounges could offer a new idea of small business to the industry. With the initial licensing fees remaining manageable we could see an influx of new proprietors in the Industry.

I write this on the day prior to the City Of Las Vegas releasing their Consumption Use venue Bill Draft. I hope they don’t limit licensing to previous licensee holders.