1st Lady of The West Coast

The 1st Lady of the West Coast, as she is known, is a true Queen of cannabis cultivation. The first black woman to have her own cannabis strains, she is the Founder and CEO of Herb of Life Cultivation, LLC, in California and has created three strains to date: Flotwckush, December Nights OG and Black Girl Magic OG

Flotwckush, December Nights OG and Black Girl Magic OG

She has been learning about cannabis and its healing effects for over eight years, starting in 2010 with help from Joseph Reznee at Oakland, California’s Harborside Dispensary. In addition, she has helped guide medical patients and adult customers understand, select and purchase cannabis products, such as flower, concentrates, edibles and topicals, thanks to her knowledge. She has also studied packaging and trimming to better comprehend all facts of the industry, making her a powerhouse of knowledge.

Her education includes degrees from the Art Institutes of San Francisco and Las Vegas.

She is also a true creative visionary: a vocal artist, emcee, filmmaker, performer and producer. Truly a Renaissance woman, her accomplishments cannot be summed up in so brief a biography. One need only meet her to capture her very essence and glory.

Instagram @1stladyofthewestcoast

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