Aja Fonseca- Arnold, has recently launched Liv Collectiv Delivery Service, a cannabis-based business. The Liv Collectiv brand has its very own brand “Liv”, hemp-derived CBD topicals, tinctures, and medicinal remedies.  Liv Collectiv has previously crafted top-notch products via white labeling services for other brands in the cannabis industry. Under her direction, the Liv brand has sourced organic ingredients of the best quality to benefit their customers by promoting awareness, natural alternatives, and providing consistency in the quality of service and products.

 Aja Fonseca-Arnold is a mother, an entrepreneur, an advocate for change, and a vessel for healing. Aja states, “I never sought out cannabis or the cannabis industry. Cannabis found, healed me, and the community enveloped me. Liv’s #1 best seller is the problem salver used primarily for pain management.

Connect with the Liv brand at

Instagram: @liv.collectiv

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