A’Esha Goins

A’Esha Goins is an author, advocate, Business Coach, columnist and an alternative medicine Blogger. She was a lobbyist in the 2016 Nevada Legislature and organized efforts to amend the laws governing regulations that demoralize Minorities. A’Esha’s NEW consulting firm is Green Bridge Consulting and they specialize in alternative medicine Small Business development and Branding.

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  1. Hello, I am interested in cultivating and opening a dispensary of my own. I would like to know the steps that I should be taking. I have been researching but a lot of the information that I have gathered is hard for me to understand because of the legalese.


    1. You should read the regulations and codes for your city and state
      The regulations will tell you what you need. Then go to your cities, state and county websites to find and download the application.
      If you can do what’s required, get a good lawyer


  2. Keep pushing!!! Just found this site. Thanks for keeping us informed. We cannot allow this industry to pass us by. Good energy in the air to you!!!

    My wife and I are about to start our research…


  3. Found about this wonderful site from TheSunday magazine article. My concern is: even if one has the money and background for the industry, there are so few people willing to even give you a help up. That 17 page application for a distributor’s license is a motha!! If I could just get past that thing, I’d have it made.


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