Greenlight Project

Green Light Project is a cannabis-infused company specializing in the creation of cookbooks, infused catering, and events. The title of our first cookbook is “Smoke from the Pot: A Simple Guide to Cooking with Cannabis & 40 Recipes to Create at Home.” Some of our fan favorites have consisted of the Ganja Guacamole, Smoky Spinach and Artichoke Dip, Fire Buffalo Wings, Medicated Mac & Cheese, and Super Sweet Potato Pie.

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Cooking Elevated


I was diagnosed with degenerative joint disease in 2018. I lived in pain everyday. There were days when I couldn’t even get out of bed. As time went on, my physical abilities decreased and so did my health.

I decided that there has to be a better way to life than to constantly popping pills from my doctor and go to my never ending physical therapy appointments. So I started infusing my food with cannabis. This is when when my life started!

Now I am able to elevate my life to the fullest!

Allow me to teach you how to elevate yours!

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Natural Elevation LLC

My name is Antonio, creator of Natural Elevation a vegan friendly, 100% organic line of healthy cannabis options. All of our ingredients are organic and locally sourced.

Our main goal is to ensure that we ELEVATE each consumer both mentally and physically through our various products.

All of our products are comprised and designed to be consumed at ANY point during the day. No couch lock, no sugary spikes. Infused with organically grown sativa, paired with all natural ingredients, creates the perfect blend of a delicious, and nutritious snack that delivers a consistent ELEVATING high. 

‘ELEVATE your boring snacks’


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Hiyathan is a premier Black Women Owned and Operated Luxury Bodycare Company. Our products are specifically formulated with your whole wellness in mind. Every product made is infused with lab tested CBD oil.

Our goal is to change your relationship with pain.

Be prepared to experience sensual aromas and pain relief when you massage our oils and butters anywhere on your body. Relax as our lab tested CBD wellness products transport your body and mind somewhere else.

Our Founding team consist of three sisters Kelsey Williams, CEO and Creator, Khadiyjah Dawkins, Chief Operating Officer, Farangis Iapichino, Chief Financial Officer. We have been up and running since July 2018. We are based in Essex county New Jersey.

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Aja Fonseca- Arnold, has recently launched Liv Collectiv Delivery Service, a cannabis-based business. The Liv Collectiv brand has its very own brand “Liv”, hemp-derived CBD topicals, tinctures, and medicinal remedies.  Liv Collectiv has previously crafted top-notch products via white labeling services for other brands in the cannabis industry. Under her direction, the Liv brand has sourced organic ingredients of the best quality to benefit their customers by promoting awareness, natural alternatives, and providing consistency in the quality of service and products.

 Aja Fonseca-Arnold is a mother, an entrepreneur, an advocate for change, and a vessel for healing. Aja states, “I never sought out cannabis or the cannabis industry. Cannabis found, healed me, and the community enveloped me. Liv’s #1 best seller is the problem salver used primarily for pain management.

Connect with the Liv brand at

Instagram: @liv.collectiv