Sex is Freedom When Combined with Cannabis

At my age you’d think I’d already be free in my sexuality. However, I was raised in a strict Christ like household. Daddy was an evangelist. Mommy was the good, my whole family is going to make it to heaven, Christ like woman. Both parents taught us morals and held us accountable to our faith.

My parents are wise and loving parents. They weren’t the, do what the Bible says or your going to HELL type of parents at all. My parents NEVER used fear as a way to manipulate our relationship with our God. They used knowledge and information to do that for them. They were excellent at strategic conversation.

For example, someone we know would get pregnant young. My mom would have a series of random conversations about generational curses, and how it was up to me to break the course. She talk about how she knew I would make the right decisions at the right time. She would love me then whisper, wait till you’re married to have babies A’Esha Goins.

Daddy would say something like, oh she’s pregnant. Well, I’m not worried about my kids doing that. They know Goins children don’t act/do that. Looking at us firmly then sending us off to do some chore.

Between the generational curse and my last name being my father’s, I was always subconsciously chastising myself for having sex. I was still having sex, I just wasn’t ALWAYS present during the act.

The Cannabis Industry has evolved my thinking and exposed me to new possibilities of living. Since I’ve been medicating with Cannabis I no longer suffer from depression, I attend more public events and now I am free in my sexuality.

About 2 years ago while I was working in the dispensary. One of the vendors introduced an intimacy oil that women could use internally. Testing products is the number one thing I did to become an effective Patient Consultant. The intimacy oil wasn’t any different.

My partner and I used the product according to it’s instructions. The product had no effect on my partner but I definitely experienced a unique and fun stimulation. I’d never been that stimulated befor. Although the experience was fun, my mind was still all over the place. We had an explosive exchange and I was still struggling to “stay in the moment.”

I decided to fix that. I wanted explosive AND freeing. The next day I took myself on a case study exploration. I was determined to have the most freeing AND explosive sexual exchange YET!!

I started experimenting with different strains of flowers and concentrates focusing on specific terpene profiles. My goal was to find something that relaxed my mind without over relaxing my body. My procedure was to micro dose using inhalation (smoking). I’d dose then wait 10 min to see if I’d get aroused. I believed if I found the right Cannabis combo, I could be free!

After 2 months of testing and experimenting I’d found a combination treatment that worked for me. I was FINALLY having freedom in my sex life. I was having the trifecta. I was able to enjoy my partner, let down inhibitions and explode!

The formula I use is (Cinex Flower and Outer Space Rosin in a glass pipe along with the intimacy oil as lubrication) …however, I suggest you find a formula that works best for you.

A’Esha “The GREAT” Goins

The Weed Retirement

I wonder…. does anyone leave the Cannabis Industry to pursuit other careers?

I mean, is the Cannabis Industry the equivalent to a Fast Food job?

I woke up this morning pondering my choices and my future after having a DM discussion with some of my friends. It seems one of the young ladies is having a difficult time getting call backs on non Cannabis related jobs. She’s young, good looking, has a decent resume with education and work history. She’s applying for low level positions and her resume reflects management experience, yet she’s not getting call backs? It made us ponder the possibility that her 3 year Cannabis industry experience may be the cause.

It may be that the rest of the nation doesn’t find value in the Industry. They may see the work history and decide “stoner.” There’s still a lot of ignorance regarding the importance of Cannabis and there’s a great possibility transitioning from Cannabis to Corporate (Cannabis business is corporate smh) may be an obstacle.

The nation still sees Marijuana as an illegal drug and users still battle stigmas. Just the other day I had to correct someone for assuming I get high everyday. I explained to them that I suffer from mental illness and I does when I need to. I opted for marijuana as my treatment instead of the opioid based drugs I was previously prescribed. I also explained that I was having better results with marijuana than I was having with my prescribed medications.

I digress…

I recognize the industry is still new and businesses haven’t even settled in soone of thier best work practices, however as a Cannabis Consultant and Educator I can’t help being concerned about the longevity of employment for the people entering into the industry. As the licensees pursuit the “Green Rush” are they structuring for thier teams retirement or are they setting thier business models up for the big “Cash Out?”

It’s important that the employee who is looking to make Cannabis a career aligns themselves with business that offer chances for advancement. The higher positions tend to offer some benefits like health insurance and an equivalent to a 401k. Some of the lower level positions rarely offer health insurance and quite often are not full time. This is a masterful way of keeping the position from being a liability and most of the time THAT position is a revolving door.

I often hear owners say, “it’s hard to find good help!” As a professional I don’t subscribe to that idealogy. I believe a team is Coached to succeed. I also believe it’s negligent on any employer to hire for capabilities alone. We should ALWAYS hire people that will fit our business culture and then as leaders we commit to our teams success. We should never find ourselves in a position where we “fire” someone, with the exception of illegal activities, the employee should notice they forfeited their working privileges. Smh

I went on a rant….. SORRY!!

As we watch the Camabis industry stabilize, I can only hope business owners are offering true longevity plans to thier teams they hope will help them mine thier GREEN GOLD.

A’Esha “The GREAT” Goins

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The Generation of The War on Drugs

It’s becoming easier to forget the victims of inequality and unjust caused by The War on Drugs. Those Brown and Black brothers, fathers, uncles and cousins that were targeted for incarceration. The people whos faces and names are easily ignored as important as Cannabis is legalized across the land. As if there wasn’t a real war that involved people’s lives being changed and men and women being separated from thier homes.

I can’t help but wonder will my sons, sons be the generation to say, “I’m 1 generation from The War on Drugs” the same way I declare I’m 3 generations from slavery? Will those lives, whom are now illegally incarcerated in some states, be forgotten the same way Texas forgot the Sugar Land’s slavery and convict-leasing graves? Will all of America finally “do the right thing” and follow California’s lead by releasing ALL convicted Cannabis offenders?

I’m sorry I’m full of questions and not many answers today. But that’s exactly it, I’m full of questions because there are no answers. I appreciate and participate in the politics of Legalization, never forgetting who I am and what I represent. However I can’t always see the end result clearly and I’m not always sure I’m fighting the RIGHT fight. I have to be honest with myself and my readers and say, “SOMETIMES even I just see the money”

As a consultant there are times when my personal ethics are challenged. I call it my “Minority Over Money” challenge. I have to remind myself that assisting a Minority Cannabis business owner has more value than just money. Although often they are unable to pay as much as thier counterparts the reward isn’t in the dollars but also in serving my community…. AND the struggle is REAL! What if I don’t make the right choice? Am I am adding to the offense America is making against my people? Its important to get paid but equally important that I don’t forget that we are STILL at war.

Canada’s country wide Legalization resulted in America denying Canadians that are in the Cannabis industry pass thier borders. Also, those Americans that celebrated Legalization in thier own state are still criminals in another. It’s true some states have revised thier Cannabis laws attempting to prevent over policing Cannabis users. There are those other states, like Oklahoma, where they encourage Hemp farms but police Cannabis consumption and possession. Those states are furthering the efforts of the war.

The War on Drugs wasn’t to fight Marijuana exclusively and “maybe” wasnt to target Black and Brown men. But (hate to start my sentence with a but) I do wanna point out that according to the DEA in 2014 over 74,000 people were arrested for marijuana and only 33,000 for Cocaine and 44,000 for Hallucinogens. To add salt to the wound, The ACLU reports that Black men are 3 times more likely to be arrested for drugs. Although Blacks, Hispanics and white Americans reportedly use drugs EQUALLY. Black and Hispanics make up 29% of the over all nations population yet 75% of the prisons population. Meanwhile we are crying real tears for the separation of families at the borders. (Shade)

I’d like to believe there is some justice served by the War on Drugs. I’m not all the way jaded against the American Legal system. I STILL believe there could be “Liberty and Justice for All!” I want to believe that somehow targeting Black and Brown men for drugs was the cure to illegality. I’d even like to go as far as to say, I believe; all of God’s children, Black men and white men, Jews and Gentiles, Protestants and Catholics, will be able to join hands and sing in the words of the old Negro spiritual, “Free at last! Free at last! Thank God Almighty, we are free at last!” (DOCTOR King “I have a Dream) but this is 2018 and it’s more probable to believe that Cannabis will not be rescheduled until 2020. 47 states will legalize marijuana in some form by 2019 and there will be no laws passed to ensure reasonable standards of release for those effected by the War on drugs.

A’Esha “The GREAT ” Goins

Shame on California for Banning CBD

I just read an article by Kana stating that the California Department of Health had chosen to ban CBD derived from hemp.

I believe this is a gross abuse of control and may prove to be damaging to the Cannabis Industry as a whole. I’m truly disappointed and I believe it could be seen as negligent.

Many people use Hemp CBD as thier day to day supplement or treatment for issues like MS, Lupus, ARTHRITIS, Anxiety and Depression. This could force some of those patients to revert back to opioids or no treatment at all.

Although it doesn’t seemed they banned CBD frim Cannabis, as it can be regulated and taxed through The California Department of Health. It seems as of today, all Californians should take this time to stock up on thier meds.

I hope The California Department of Health reconsiders their ruling.

Full article from Kana here

Las Vegas Cannabis, Wine & Beer Lounge

I congratulate the City of Las Vegas and it’s proposed Marijuana Social Use Ordinance. Las Vegas would be the second city to adopt a social use ordinance and the first to include a low-level (11%) liquor sells option. It’s refreshing to know that the ordinance may be available to anyone that qualifies and the licensing fees seem to be manageable. If they move forward with this ordinance as it is, this will be a win for the small business person that is still looking to be in the Nevada Cannabis industry.

Currently Nevada has no open consumption laws. The regulations are written that you must consume in the privacy of your own home. If the city moves forward with this ordinance it will be the resolve to our Cannabis legalization hospitality issue.

I do want to point out that the inability to sell food or hard liquor in the same space may prove to be an economical disadvantage in this space. Although you can sell non cannabis products, I just don’t know if selling t-shirt, cups, hats and other dosing apparatuses will make up the income? I suggested that they look at offering an apparatus rental program that focuses on sanitation similar to the Hooka Lounges. However, If I were looking to get a license I would definitely apply for the low-level license

It is my pleasure to serve this community

The license will be 5k a year and the zoning ordinances are the same as other state MME’s. The biggest win for the community is that the new proposed ordinance won’t specify whether the marijuana had to come from a dispensary or not. The city is opting to leave that up to the licensee’s with an expectation of the licensee spelling out there security plan in their application.

I am super proud of the Nevada Cannabis Community and the City of Las Vegas for working together and showing the WORLD we are #Vegasstrong;;playerWidth=412;playerHeight=232;isShowIcon=true;clipId=14452011;flvUri=;partnerclipid=;adTag=News;advertisingZone=;enableAds=true;landingPage=;islandingPageoverride=;playerType=STANDARD_EMBEDDEDscript;controlsType=fixedFOX5 Vegas – KVVU

Link to watch the live stream of las Vegas Facebook live

AO Brand Launch

AO Brand launches a consumer-friendly CCELL disposable vape in Las Vegas Dispensaries

Las Vegas, NV — 6/12/2018— AO Brand, a distributor of fine cannabis extracts in Las Vegas, NV will launch its first round of consumer focused CCELL distillate disposable vape.


The Las Vegas distributor is focused on offering the consumer an experience tailored to their needs. AO Brand has done a focus groups in the Las Vegas area to identify the consumers wants and to fill that need. Many Cannabis distributors are interested in making money but very few are interested in meeting the needs of the user.


AO Brand chose the CCELL vape equipment specifically for the inexperienced user. In the AO Brand focus group, they found the user desired vape equipment that worked consistently and without much effort. Also, the focus group pointed out they didn’t want to give up the “big cloud effect” they got with smoking flower. By choosing the CCELL ceramic heating element the user will receive an even heat distribution while vaping. This will also enhance the AO brand distillate 3 easy to understand formulas. Red being the highest in THC and offering the user an extremely relaxed effect. Yellow formula being a medium high THC formula, allowing the customer to destress during the day and Green being a formula constructed to allow the user to feel elated  all day.


Thea from the focus group said, “I appreciate the taste and ease of the AO Brand CCELL disposable vape.” “There was no burnt taste and I was able to get a nice cloud!”


AO Brand is a Las Vegas distributor and can be found in Nevada dispensaries

Press Contact: A’Esha Goins Green Bridge Consulting Group, Las Vegas NV

AO Pens