Marijuana Infused Massage Oil “REVIEW”

There has been a lot of questions about THC infused massage oils and whether or not they work and what can they effectively be used for?

Turns out you can use THC infused oils for just about anything. The formula I have been using was made by Evergreen Organix  and includes essential oils of  Lavender & Vanilla and Coconut oil. The fragrance is calming and sexy and the application isn’t oily.

I’ve used the oil for headaches, body aches, everyday calming care and nighttime treatment for relaxation and calming. It’s a massage oil in an easy application bottle and the aroma is heavenly.

Recently I used the oil as a therapy massage for a man I am seeing. He’s not a marijuana user but the massage oil posed as a non-intrusive product to use as an introduction to Cannabis. He works 2 full time jobs and is always on his feet.  I massaged his shoulders, back, legs and feet with the oil. He fell asleep during the massage and woke up ready for the day. His immediate response was, he had received many massages before and none were as soothing and therapeutic as the one he had received with the THC oil. He said it was calming and relieved his pain all at once.

I can honestly say, I use this oil EVERY DAY. Once I am out of the shower and getting ready for the day I rub the oil on my neck and shoulders to keep me focused and relaxed.

Retail cost is approx. $35

Marijuana Infused Massage oil

THC-CBD Infused Bath Bomb “REVIEW”

Congratulations to Evergreen Organix in Las Vegas Nevada for being the first production company in Nevada to release a THC-CBD infused Bath and Body line. Their Infused Bath Bomb gave me LIFE!!

To be honest, I thought the idea of having THC in a bath bomb was ridiculous and a waste of marijuana. I mean really, who would us a THC infused Bath Bomb? Do they REALLY have to put weed in EVERYTHING?

HELL YES THEY DO!! Especially if it will make me feel the way Evergreen Organix Lavender Bath Bomb did.

I recently had a death in my family. The stress and pressure of life was taking a toll on my  body. I wasn’t sleeping and my body was stiff. It was 5 am on a Tuesday morning and I was wide awake. I don’t like baths but the Lavender bath bomb was calling my name. I said, “What the hell” and ran myself a bath. I cut the Bomb in 4ths and dropped a quarter of the Bath Bomb into my tub. As the Bomb exploded in my bathtub my bathroom immediately began to smell like lavender. Although the smell was enticing, I was still a skeptic.

I unclothed and got into the tub, immediately my body began to relax. I could feel the tension in my legs and torso relax. I splashed the water on my shoulders and neck, the tension subsided there also. It’s hard to believe a Bath Bomb could make me feel relief so quickly. I was in no hurry to end this experience. The coconut oil in the bath bomb made my skin feel silky smooth. ( note: probably should take a shower BEFORE you use the bath bomb) I was truly enjoying the soak.

I got out of the tub feeling relaxed and revived. I sat on my bed, reached for my computer….woke up to my alarm at 9am. I am looking forward to trying their Lavender Massage oil and Avocado Lemon Grass Body Cream.

This is a MUST for anyone with achy body, stress, anxiety  and or sleep issues.

This product is available at Nevada Wellness Center in Las Vegas, NV