Marijuana for Pain Instead of Pain Pills

The most frequent question asked this week in the dispensary has been, ” How do I use marijuana to manage my pan?”

Although the answer would seem simple, the symptoms are not. I’ve had patients come in to the dispensary with illnesses ranging in severity from arthritis to multiple sclerosis. The pain ranging from mild to consistently agonizing. Each time I’m offering a different remedy for the question. The one thing that is consistent in all my suggestions is the use of CBD. 

The cannabinoid CBD acts an anti-inflammatory and can be used everyday without any psychoactive activities happening in the patient. I typically will suggest CBD as an every day supplement or with the use of a transdermal patch. 

Its easier to ask patients to use marijuana in forms that are non intrusive than to ask someone that’s never smoked before  to begin smoking. However, very often if the pain is severe or if the patient has already built an addiction or need for opiot based pain killers, we will suggest THC in microdoses to ease pain. 

We’re in a world of the Evolution of marijuana and because of that you can eat it, vape it, bathe in it, lotion with it, drink it like a cough syrup, use it as a lip balm etc… 

There are many ways a person can use marijuana as a treatment without changing their lifestyle or adopting a new one.