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A Young lady came into the shop and declared she was 6 month clean from Meth and had just regained custody of her children.

Finding Your Way to The Other Side of Trauma With Cannabis

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I wasn’t sure how to start this piece. How do I have a conversation about what happened on October 1? Should I say where I was? Seems insignificant in comparison to where the victims were. Do I say how I felt? How I feel isn’t as important as how the victims and their families feel.

Honestly, I am unsure if anything I write matters in comparison.

Almost a month ago, Las Vegas was involved in a mass shooting. This city and I will never be the same.

Two days after the shooting I boarded a plane to California to see my son. The timing couldn’t have been any better. I was overwhelmed with emotions and I needed to hug my son. As I sat on the plane I began to write my son a letter. It’s a habit I began the first time I flew away after he was born. It helps relieve my anxiety.

You see, I am Bipolar type 2. As a result of my mental illness, I suffer from mania from time to time. As I get older it gets worst. I am not sure when or why I get anxiety and or panic attacks, they just happen. Here I was on a plane to California two days after the nation’s deadliest mass shooting and the pilot had just announced we were going to be delayed due to Air Force One landing.

I felt myself panicking.

I took deep breaths and started talking myself down. Reminding myself that my anxiety was all in my mind. I was okay. Everything would be okay. My panic was increasing and I knew I had just a very few minutes left before I would be irrational. I jumped up and asked to use the restroom. The flight attended told me I had to be quick because they were sure we were going to be given the okay to take off soon.

I went into the restroom and looked at myself in the mirror. I told myself to calm down. Nothing was helping. Thankfully I carry my RELAX CBD vape pen around my neck at all times. I knew I was risking being thrown off the plane but I had to take the chance. I was overwhelmed and seconds away from a full-fledged panic attack. If you’ve never had a panic attack, for some, the symptoms mimic a heart attack.

I inhaled the vape three times and allowed myself to relax.

The flight attendant knocked on the door and said they had been given the okay to take off and I would need to take my seat. I sprayed my body spray before exiting and went to my seat. My anxiety had subsided before we had taken off. I relaxed and enjoyed my flight.

Many people are suffering from 1 October in a variety of ways. I have received an influx of questions regarding cannabis and its effects on PTSD, anxiety, and stress. Every time someone asks me about treating their ailments I ALWAYS recommend a CBD (cannabidiol) treatment. CBD is cannabis’ secret weapon and has significant medical benefits, but does not make people feel “stoned” and can actually counteract the psycho-activity of THC. The serum comes in many different forms — one less intrusive than the other. CBD has been known to send lifetime illnesses in remission and submission. The cannabinoid has been effective in dissolving blood clots, acts as a healing aid for skin issues and has anti-inflammatory properties.

For me, it takes the place of my anti-depressants and anxiety pills.

I am proud of how the Las Vegas community has come together and loved on each other. If I were able to, I would have offered EVERY SINGLE one of the victims and their families a week’s supply of CBD elixir. I know it would have aided in some relief as they dealt with what they had witnessed. We are #VegasStrong.

Ministry & Marijuana “Part 1”

September 2013 I was introduced to the business of marijuana by my mentor. He just walked in one day and said, “we are going to go into the marijuana business and you need to study everything there is to know about marijuana.”
I’ve already told the story on how I thought that was crazy. The story I haven’t told is the story that includes me as a Minister of the Gospel.


In 2002 I rededicated my life to God. I instantly fell in love with My God. I mean head over heels. I was a wife and a mother at the time and the ONLY thing I wanted and desired was to be a Godly mother and Wife. Falling in love with God is an overwhelming feeling. I felt I had to tell everyone all about His love. I would stop people in the store hug them and tell them, “My God loves you and so do I!” I was what they would call a Radical Christian. Praying as a habit, study to show myself approved. At church whenever the doors were opened, followed my Pastor wherever he went and beat my Pastor giving. I associated Christ like behavior with being a faithful member. The Church was my responsibility as were their souls.

I was proud of all the titles I held in church; Youth pastor, Deaconess, Missionary, Chief Armor Bearer and Minister. I had earned each title with sacrifice, commitment and studying. See, when I fell in love with My God I was already a student of His word. I had been raised 4th generation COGIC (Church of God In Christ) and Mommy and Daddy didn’t play when it came to ensuring we were raised with the Wisdom of God. I quote scriptures by the Chapters not the verse. I was raised to “know His Word for Myself” and to not be dependent on others to interpret His word. When I committed to My God I came with a knowledge of what was Bible and what was Religion, but at the time of my life I needed the religion because I needed the discipline. I allowed myself to submit and to learn humility because I wanted to be loved by My God.

Yes, you read that right. I thought I had to earn His love. I hadn’t matured and or evolved to understand that My God loved me just the way I was. I hadn’t embraced His love, I was “found” yet I was still lost. I was preaching His word in Hopelessness. Losing my marriage which was my dream and remaining diligent in church. Struggling in my spirit. I was losing my dream and I was seeking after God’s love. I didn’t realize I already had it.
I was a foolish grown up child with gifts I hadn’t yet embraced. Full of information and no real wisdom. During all this I found out I was Bipolar Type 2 and as result of that I was suffering from depression and increasing Social Anxieties. By 2010 I was divorced and fully engaged In Ministry. Self-employed medicated and in Therapy. My medication was making me numb and my therapy was helping me heal my hurts but I would forever be ill, and medicated. I hated it!

It was in 2011 I fell in love with Ministry. I was worshipping under my God Brother and he is a BEAST when it comes to Ministry. He believes in being fully engaged in the people. If we had service 3 days a week, 2 of those services was prayer and outreach. Sunday was the staffs work day. We were there to serve the people. If we weren’t equipped that was too bad, you had all week to get it together. Serving under him made me develop a heart for service. I learned that Ministry was really about the people and my “issues” weren’t a hindrance to my service they were a value. I served “through” my issues. I was in love with Ministry and the gym, I didn’t need medication anymore… I was feeling powerful and in control. I was cured I thought.

In 2013, I joined a new church with a new Pastor. This Pastor wasn’t like any other Pastor I had ever met. He expounded on the Bible in a way I had never heard. It was like hearing the word of God for the first time. February 2013 I wasn’t lost anymore. That doesn’t mean I was sound, just means I was found.

I hadn’t taken my medication in 2 years and I was managing my issues with prayer, fasting and worship until I heard Pastor Ron Thomas preach. He reminded me that God isn’t a Genie and he doesn’t work in magic and IF I had an issue, I should seek help. I should take care of my mind and my health. He teaches that “YES” God can heal but what does that have to do with taking care of us. We should be good stewards of our temples and THEN God would honor his word. Message after message, service after service, I sat in the front seat of Pastor Thomas church and cried. He wasn’t just teaching God’s word, he was teaching LIFE. I had been lead to believe I couldn’t achieve fullness in Christ unless I submitted to the church. Pastor Thomas was teaching, “Am I the reason you’re coming to church?” “Who am I?” “I am NOT your God!?” “Serve your God the way HE has called you to serve” “Be free in Ministry” “He called me the same way he called you!” I was no longer being held a accountable to Religion but Ministry.

In 2014 I woke up!

I had been working on Marijuana as a project. Studying and developing plans but not fully engaged. I thought I had to choose between Ministry and my new project. How could I work in Ministry and believe in Marijuana? Religion had taught me that Marijuana is a sin but my research was proving that Marijuana was medicine.
I was intrigued and decided to become fully engaged. In 2014 I became a Medical Marijuana patient. I hadn’t taken western medicine in 3 years and no one knew it. I was silently battling depression and I was ready for relief. I stepped down from the Minister’s staff. I wasn’t sure how to explain to my open-minded, people loving Pastor that I was self-medicating. Not because he wouldn’t be caring but because I didn’t really know what to tell him. Was I self-medicating or just “getting high.”



One thing I knew for sure is I was hiding and ashamed. My history with religion was hurting me. I thought Religion was behind me and I had embraced “service”. How can I serve God’s people “high?” How could I medicate AND Minister? I was finding out that it wasn’t just Religion for me, it was a culture and medicating had its own culture. Which would I choose?



In 2015 we opened the Dispensary. October 10th 2015 I waited on my first patient. She had been suffering from Cancer and had been purchasing her marijuana on the streets. As I discussed the attributes of the 5 strains we had, I realized I wasn’t a pusher. She was ill and I was helping her choose her treatment. I listened to her story and met her need. I prayed with her, hugged her and she left. I could relate to her because I too was a patient and had been experiencing relief. Like her, I was no longer depressed and or felt hopeless. I had found a medication that I could choose AND didn’t have to take every day. I had chosen. I wanted BOTH! Ministry AND Marijuanabible-marijuana

PART 2…. Next Week. How I transitioned from Hiding to becoming an advocate of Marijuana

African American’s Marijuana to be Sold in Las Vegas

Nature’s Kindest Delbert and Dyran have been working on this project for over 2 years. Congratulations to them and their partner Stephanie for being consistent and seeing this thing through.


You can ask for Nature’s Kindest at your local Nevada Dispensaries.


Interview was done LIVE on Facebook on Nov 2016 by A’Esha Goins & Eboni Browning

Marijuana Infused Massage Oil “REVIEW”

There has been a lot of questions about THC infused massage oils and whether or not they work and what can they effectively be used for?

Turns out you can use THC infused oils for just about anything. The formula I have been using was made by Evergreen Organix  and includes essential oils of  Lavender & Vanilla and Coconut oil. The fragrance is calming and sexy and the application isn’t oily.

I’ve used the oil for headaches, body aches, everyday calming care and nighttime treatment for relaxation and calming. It’s a massage oil in an easy application bottle and the aroma is heavenly.

Recently I used the oil as a therapy massage for a man I am seeing. He’s not a marijuana user but the massage oil posed as a non-intrusive product to use as an introduction to Cannabis. He works 2 full time jobs and is always on his feet.  I massaged his shoulders, back, legs and feet with the oil. He fell asleep during the massage and woke up ready for the day. His immediate response was, he had received many massages before and none were as soothing and therapeutic as the one he had received with the THC oil. He said it was calming and relieved his pain all at once.

I can honestly say, I use this oil EVERY DAY. Once I am out of the shower and getting ready for the day I rub the oil on my neck and shoulders to keep me focused and relaxed.

Retail cost is approx. $35

Marijuana Infused Massage oil


Read up on TERPINES AND THEIR THERAPEUTIC EFFECTS because consultants/budtenders in the Cannabis industry are going to have “their hands full!”
For the most part, patients will come into dispensaries with a fair amount of questions in need of answering. The most predictable and least impressive of them all “What’s the highest *THC?” If I can achieve one thing I want the over rated significance of THC Percentage  VERSUS the under rated value of the TERPINE PROFILE to be common knowledge. If you have ever smoked a strain that supposedly was an impressive high THC (like 27%) and thought ” that strain I just tried with an 18% THC was SUPERIOR than the 27%? What gives?”
join the club!
Ready for the logical explanation? The various terpinoids ie Alpha Pinine or beta caryophyllene are responsible for the distinct smells of the seemingly never ending amount of marijuana strains on the market today. in addition to smell these terpines also give us the effects, euphoria being the most well known. yet still its only one effect of many, most of them beneficial. This is where the significance of the terpine profile lies. When given symptoms a knowledgeable consultant can recommend or substitute a strain for a patient with precision accuracy. This is why experienced informed industry advocates say when discussing cannabis as a medicine it should be done in strain specific terms. Let me give you an example.The terpine Linalool usually expresses itself in purple tones. Found in strains like Purple Kush, and God’s Gift. It has a relaxing effect. Stimulates appetite. the traits associated with marijuana as a whole or “Indica strains” are actually the result of the terpines. Using this approach you can imagine the possibilities, this and other ground breaking advancements are spearheading the green revolution. In my future posts ill go into topics like Cannabidiol (cbd), Who the hell is Rick Simpson? THCA THE ALPHA, “Where the suburbs end” WILL BE A COMPILATION OF INTERESTING PERSONAL EXPERIENCES INVOLVING MARIJUANA. The pit will have a mix of education, comic relief, as well as current events relevant to our industry. Ah yes! THE OLD RULES are king once again. I’m talking
Pre Harrison narcotics act. Thanks for checking in, ya’ll know…It goes down in the pit!

– Black Cherry-

*THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, is the chemical responsible for most of marijuana’s psychological effects. It acts much like the cannabinoid chemicals made naturally by the body, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA)